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Melodie at Barney’s NYC with blonde Mannequin model

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She can write, she can draw
She can even talk Melodie Mezoree’ doll.
What else can she do?
If only I could sing a tune
Hey wait! Melodie can sing!
What a wonderful thing!
Recording Melodie’s voice gives Suzae a choice.
A choice to say something funny
Melodie makes the day more sunny.
Especially when she is defending a human
Razel has bashed—Melodie retorts real fast.
Suzae makes funny sayings every day
for her doll Razel and Melodie Mezoree’.
Like Razel’s spider who lost it’s leg
Razel has to make a spell to get it back again.
Razel makes spells that make you cringe
she does the spell while she evily sings.
Sing her song ‘Razel The Ice Witch’
But Melodie writes Happy Poems that will bring
memories that make your heart go bling!

Written by Sue Chevalier on April 20,2012


‘I will be your Gamma Ray’

said Melodie Mezoree’.

Saying to Razel

quite clear-

“Hey, I’m might not


who you had your


By making him into a

robot of silver hue-

then turned him ice-blue.

No, I will fight

with all my might,

and become a Pulsar

your highly neutron Star.’

Written by Suzae Chevalier on April 8,2011

Two twins would be born.
To an evil ice witch
Who has evil and scorn.
The twins would be separated at the time of their birth
The boy Emeray would go to Raytron.
The girl Melodie would go to Earth.
They would both spread the message
To children living there
That they are creative geniuses
With so much to share.
In bringing a change
In a great new land
They could make world
happy, exciting and grand.
They would develop their powers
And meet once again
To conquer the land.
First they would need to meet
A magical unicorn
He would unfreeze the spell cast on them
And then make them transform
From dolls to Mezoranean’s
for which they were born.
Once the twins were Mezeranean again
They would then be able to defend,
The city of crystals named Kingdom of Mezoree’
Were they would be crowned royalty on their 16th Birthday.
Until that time they would have a mission to do
To awaken the children from being dolls under Razel rule.
This story you see will unfold you’ll see
But first we must go to Krendoll with the doll Melodie.
She will first tell you of a special unicorn
It’s a poem about the day he was born.Copyright Chevalier Originals, Inc.
Written by Suzaria Star on March 4,1997