Mezoranean Birthstone Princess

Melodie Mezoree

"Sarah's Special Birthday" reading at nursing home.

“Sarah’s Special Birthday” reading at nursing home.


Suzae reading “Sarah’s Special Birthday” with Melodie Mezoree’ doll at nursing home.


Aunt Audrey happy with Sarah Star


King Tom all smiles.


Melodie Mezoree’ paper doll floating in the air!


Don’t hurt my Melodie

Because she is fragile and she’s weak.

Don’t ruin her song

For her music is for when things starting looking bleak.

For Melodie is the child within that cries when she is scolded

She kicks and screams to stop from being molded

Into the perfect abiding child

Who can’t express feelings, needs and wants

to an adult who acts very non chalant.

So don’t hurt my Melodie, for she’s the keeper at my gate,

she let’s me know when I am sad, or when she is feeling great! ! !

Don’t hurt my Melodie, by telling her simple little lies

because she can detect the truth from your simply alibis.

For you can’t fool Melodie for she is the child within
she knows when you are faking it with your forced little grin.

Written by Suzae Chevalier 1995

We need to ban together

to make

a New U.S. of A.

Let your goodwill shine

We need more love

in these upheaval times.

We can write a new story

that say’s what we want to see

were everyone is FREE.

Free from having to worry

is it us against them?

Our government is:

We the People

who are ALL


See how WE all affect

Each Other and having

a rippling affect-

We need to see WE


Only the Mass Consciousness

can CHANGE Our Ways

of how are PLANET

will BE in these TRIUMPHANT days.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on November 11, 2016


Majesty Mermaid of the Sea

Come out and play with me.

See me jump and see me swim

I can play with a ball

and fly with a seagull.

Melodie Mezoree’  is my name-

We can play a tons of games.

You are my friend till the end-

You are my sea time friend.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on March 11, 2016