Mezoranean Birthstone Princess

Melodie Photos

"Sarah's Special Birthday" reading at nursing home.

“Sarah’s Special Birthday” reading at nursing home.


Suzae reading “Sarah’s Special Birthday” with Melodie Mezoree’ doll at nursing home.


Aunt Audrey happy with Sarah Star


King Tom all smiles.

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Artist Nancy Waller


I remember hearing a voice,
“go down this road”, was the first choice.
The road 42nd West, in south Minneapolis.
Great visual artist I would meet,
She drew endangered species detailed and neat.
Nancy Waller was her name,
She published booklets on endangered species
to help bring about awareness and change.
Melodie my doll, loved her most of all.
She went to her see her at the museum,
took photos with her that where very pleasing.
Melodie was happy for Nancy designed,
coloring books of Melodie just cute and fine.
Nancy got my books off to a great start,
she inspired me and has a pure heart.
Thank you Nancy for inspiration and passion too,
you’re a great artist, through and through

Written by Suzae Chevailer on September 9, 2011


Little Melodie so cute

with green eyes

she has silver stars that


She is from a magical world

one where there is only

fun for a boy or girl

She  has a cute

girl voice

she expresses herself

by choice…

using words that

bring only glee-

she is one to

make you happy!

For she will always be

the one to bring you Joy

for she is a “Magical

Krendoll” toy!

Written by Suzae Chevalier on August 3,2015