Mezoranean Birthstone Princess

Melodie’s Statistics Name: Melodie Monet Mezoree’

Nickname: Mel Birthdate: 06-01-1995

Birth Place: City of Mezore’ Planet Born:

Mezeron Siblings: Twin brother Emeray

Parents: Razel and Francis Mezoree’

Grandma: Granny Krendoll

Great Aunt on Earth: Great Aunt Suzy aka Puppit Lady

Aunt’s Name: Great Aunt Meeka

Cousins: Sarah Star, Ice-Abella

Favorite Food: Bubblegum Ice-cream

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite girlfriend: Majesty

Favorite pet: Eeka the butterfly

Pet Peeve: Tall chairs

Boyfriend’s name: Little Gem

Favorite Planet to visit: Zercon

Birthsigns: Sun sign: Gemini & Moon Sign: Cancer

Dream: To be Big Balloon in Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

Melodie’s Biography Born Melodie Monet Mezoree’ to an evil ice-witch Razel and father named King Francis Mezore she was destined to save the Suzarian solar system with her cousins Sarah Star and Ice-Abella. She would of course have twist and turns along the way. The first twist is that she would be turned into a doll to be protected from the ice spells from Razel who wants to controll her & her friends through their birthday dreams. Stay tuned to upcoming books about Melodie Mezoree’.


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